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Completed Commissions

Here is a list of all commissions I've had the opportunity to build! 

Karma- AJR
(Unofficial Music Video)

rachelmadestudio teamed up with Genvieve Flati and built the Jack and White Mouse puppet for their unofficial music video of Karma by AJR.

This music video was a wonderful experience and the Jack puppet was enjoyed so much that he now lives happily with his AJR bandmates.

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 2.17.24 PM.png

Wedding Anniversary

rachelmadestudio was hired by a wonderful Disney animator who wanted to surprise his wife with puppets of themselves and their pet dog, Mochi as a 5 year wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful opportunity to build puppets for love and to build off of client's amazing illustrations.


Winnie the Pooh

rachelmadestudio designed and built seven of the most lovable characters for The B Street Theatre's production of Winnie the Pooh. We constructed Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Owl, Kanga, Rue and Rabbit. All of the puppets are large scale tabletop puppets that were pupeteered as toys that came to life with their best friend Christpoher Robin.

Click on the picture to see photos of the cast!


Womp & Co

rachelmadestudio designed the cast of puppets for FailArmy's puppet scripted show. She teamed up with DLux Puppets for the build and the show is now available on Youtube!

Click on the photo to check out the designs and builds by rachlemadestudio.


NBA Xmas Commercial 2022

rachelmadestudio joined the NBA Christmas Commercial and built the Dallas Mavericks mascot as a three "person" puppet. The studio also built the costume for the puppeteer to match the life sized puppets on either end.


Oz- Princess Rap Battle

rachelmadestudio built a puppet of Oz from Genshin Impact for an episode of Princess Rap Battle. The puppet also has a wing mechanism that allows the wings to flap.


Ark the Axolotl

Ark was built for a masters student thesis theatre production. rachelmadestudio handled the design and build.


My Friend T!

My Friend T is a fantastic Youtube Series created by Terrance McCraney that is a mix of a kids puppet show and book reading series. It is so sweet and I recommend everyone

check it out!


Lady Parts

These puppets were created for an upcoming indie film! They were all small puppets completely covered in spandex!


Rick Chomp

Rick accompanied comedian Tony Sam on Josh Gate’s Tonight to talk about all things sharks for Shark Week 2020. The two had a lot of banter that was fully of fun, fishy facts!



This puppet was built for a private client who wanted a fun seagull who loves condiments. We even got a custom pattern made for his shirt.



Snaggle is the first puppet I ever designed and built just for me! He went through an overhaul during the peak of the pandemic so here he is in his new, beautiful look!


(Costumes built by Liza Dally)


Bravo the Bard

This green guy is for Chosen? a web-series created for a dear friend of mine. He wanted a Bard to help out with a medieval idea he is working on and custom picked this unique peacock green.


Dadio & Hodgie

Dadio and Hodgie were a part of a puppet build for D&H Sports. They run an awesome youtube show about the Cincinnati Bengal (Who Dey!) and wanted their illustrated characters brought to life!

2022-07-19 12_41_55-Completed Commissions.jpg

Matt’s Monster

This guy was a blast to build! A friend of mine is a huge horror buff and is plotting to do a pretty cool web series with this guy. I’ll certainly be posting updates as things go along!

image-asset (10).jpeg


This is the chocobo I built for San Diego Comic Con 2018! This was a personal endeavor and the biggest build I’ve done to date. Her head was fully movable and her mouth moves. My feet are also inside the feet of the bird so as I walk the bird’s legs walk as well. She was a new technical challenge for me but was incredibly well received at SDCC.

*Creature based of of the Final Fantasy series by Square Enix



This is a new build that is still somewhat under wraps. These five cute, fur balls were built as secondary characters to a new webseries that will be released in the next few months. I'll make sure to have updates as they come!


Sweet William

Sweet William was a build for the Cincinnati Fringe Show "The New Adventures of Calliope Jones & Captain Cool". It was a kids friendly fringe show full of unique characters and Sweet William was the pet to one of the villains.


Puppet Prentice

Puppet Prentice was a build for the finale episode of the TruTV show "Upscale with Prentice Penny". The puppet was built to look like the puppet version of the host. I also had the opportunity to puppeteer him.

18922062_10155380274512579_798367141847198409_n (1).jpg


This build was for a well known Youtuber (secret at the moment!). They were a custom build that will be unveiled in the future!


Hand to God

This build was for The B Street Theatre. It was a rush commission. I was able to build all of these puppets and have them shipped out in a week and a half.

IMG_0113 (1).jpg

Blasty and Widget

These two were a built for the comic book store Blastoff Comics in North Hollywood. The owner of the store has these two mascots and he wanted kid-friendly versions of them to be able to interact with the kids that

come in.

17156010_10155061028253088_7637601024052701647_n (1).jpg


This build was of the classic Olmec character from "The Legends of the Hidden Temple". He was for an improv group in Chicago that created a live-action improv show of the popular 90's game show.

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